The Night Parrot (Pezoporus Occidentalis) is a very rare parrot endemic to a specific area in Queensland, Australia. In August 2015, a specimen nicknamed Pedro was captured and tagged by Dr. Steve Murphy, the first time since the 1890's.

Night parrot

Appearance Edit

A relatively small parrot, the species' colour is predominantly a yellowish green, mottled with dark brown, blacks and yellows. It is distinguished from the two superficially similar ground parrot species by its shorter tail and different range and habitat. Predominantly terrestrial, taking to the air only when panicked or in search of water, the night parrot has furtive, nocturnal habits and—even when it was abundant—was apparently a highly secretive species. Its natural habitat appears to be the spinifex grass which still dominates much of the dry, dusty Australian interior; other early reports also indicate that it never strayed far from water.

Diet Edit

The Night Parrot eats seeds of grasses (Especially Triodia) and herbs.

Triodia grass