The Rainbow Lorikeet is an Australasian parrot known for its bright colors and nectar diet. 


The Rainbow Lorikeet is a relatively small parrot. They have a curved red beak, deep blue head, green collar, back and tail, deep blue stomach and red-orange chest. The eyes are bright orange-amber.

This parrot has an unusually flexible and long tongue, complete with a brush on the end.


Another atypical feature is the Lorikeet's diet. They feed on nectar, pollen, and occasionally fruits. Their unique tongues assist greatly in the feeding process.  


In Captivity Edit

Lorikeets can form strong bonds with humans and are generally affectionate. They are often given a powdered/ liquid/ mixed nectar diet, though some enjoy applesauce and other soft, sweet foods. Some captive Lorikeets also learn a few words, but most aren't known for their talking ability.


It is hard to tell a rainbow lorikeet's gender unless it is in a pair. Males usually have more red than the females. Females have more yellow than the males. 


Breeding in Australia usually occurs during September to December. The female will lay to three eggs and incubate them for around 25 days.


The average lifespan of a rainbow lorikeet is 25 to 30 years.