The Scalet Macaw (Ara macao) is a large neotropical member of the Macaw family. 


The Scarlet Macaw is roughly 32 inches from beak to tail (with the tail making up a large percentage), weighing approximately 2 pounds. The plumage is mainly a bold scarlet, with a light blue tail rump and tail coverts and darker blue wing- and tail-tips. Bordering the blue patch on the wings is a daisy-yellow stripe, with flecks of greenish in some individuals. The large area of bare facial skin is a pale white, with dim red "lines". The upper mandible (beak) is horn-colored and the lower black, while the eyes are a bright yellow.


220px-Distribution Ara macao.svg

The Scarlet Macaw's range is shown here in green.

The Scarlet Macaw inhabits lowland tropical to subtropical rain forests, stretching from parts of Mexico to Brazil, Guatamala and Belize. Isolated populations may be found in Puerto Rico and other islands.


Like many birds, Scarlet Macaws mate for life.


They eat a variety of fruits, nuts, seeds and plant parts.


  • The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird of Honduras.
  • They are common pets.
  • These birds are fairly common in aviculture, and have been bred in captivity for quite a while.


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Scarlet Macaws are quite popular in captivity, and a rewarding companion for people who can handle them.

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A Scarlet Macaw takes off.