• Dear Keet,

    As of today, it's been exactly two years since you left.

    I'm not very good with words. I'll say everything on here from the very bottom of my heart regardless- my rambles, the thoughts of you for every day since November 29th, 2014.

    A day doesn't go by where I don't remember that "Derp" signature I made you, or how much you cared for your Wiki and your friends and everything you held dear.

    I'm going to bring this place back for you. I hope that wherever you are, you know we're always proud of you for keeping your head up as you always did-- through the good times and bad.

    I knew you for shorter than most anyone else, but I'll keep you in my heart. I'm not the only one who will.

    And I'll be waiting when you come back, if you ever do. I promise that.

    With infinity love always,


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    • Aero,

      I know it's been almost a year since you wrote this...but I came across this Wikia after deep searching the AJW for longtime memories.

      It's strange to think that in two months it'll be T H R E E years since Keet left us. However, I share the same thoughts of her that you have been sharing since then. She was always there for me when I needed a person. She always gave me advice, helped me grow as a person, etc.

      Though the chances are one out of a million, I hope to hear from Keet someday. And I will help you continue Keet's legacy. She is always in our hearts. #TheBluTribe


      Mack/Blu/Fuzzy xo

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