Vernal Hanging Parrot

The vernal hanging-parrot (Loriculus vernalis) is a small, bright green species of hanging-parrot. At just 5.5 inches (14 cm), it is one of the smallest parrots.


Mostly green. It has a small bright red beak and a blue patch on its chin and a red rump, as well as a few splashes of a more yellowish here and there. It has orange legs and feet.


The Indian subcontinent and a few other places in Southeast Asia.

Similar speciesEdit

  • Sri Lankan hanging-parrots (Loriculus beryllinus) can be distinguished by their red caps.
  • Bismarck hanging-parrots (Loriculus tener) are nearly undistinguishable, except for some small differences here and there.


  • Females lay 2-4 eggs.
  • They eat flower buds, flowers, seeds, and fruit.
  • Females incubate eggs for an average of 20 days.
  • The young can leave the nest within about 33 days of hatching.

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